The Bet - 6 Months Without Social Media

On Saturday October 4th, 2019, I quit social media.

I made a bet with my husband and I was met with nothing but doubt. Absolute doubt from every single person I talked to.

No one believes I can do this… but me… and my mom (has the women ever doubted me for anything, I don’t think so).

Here’s the thing though. I’ve been wanting to do this for a while.
For a million and one reasons.
I’ll spare you but the number one reason, honestly, is getting lost in the scroll.

Bleh, the fucking scrolling!!

Social media makes me feed creatively brain dead. It zaps my thought and my focus more than anything else.

One night I was thinking about my creative self before there was social media.
What I did before there was all of this noise.

I scribbled a thought.

Stared at the words.

And I knew that this is what I wanted to do.

I don’t want to shoot photography for my instagram account.
I don’t want to write in captions.

I want to shoot photography because I’m an artist and it’s a way I can connect with the world around me.
I want to write because I’m getting out what’s inside that needs to get out.

Create to create.
Make to make.

But I knew this wasn’t going to be easy. My relationship with social media was teetering on the edge of unhealthy for too long. I couldn’t sever the ties on my own.

I appreciate my hubby Tom more than anything because he gave me the ultimate motivation.
First, for the stubborn Briski that loves a good bet. I will not lose.
Second, and let’s be honest, what will really keep me going - an iMac.

When I make it through 6 months with no Instagram, Facebook or Snapchat — we’re getting this mama an iMac desktop computer with a big ol’ hard drive to edit photos.

I already have it picked out and in my cart.

Today it’s day three. I have a long way to go but I’m going to guarantee you this:

You won’t see me on instagram, facebook or snapchat. Not today, not tomorrow and not next month.

I’m all in and it already feels so damn good.

C.C. Portrait Session 10.7.19

C.C. Portrait Session 10.7.19