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Interview : Brittany Morris, Upscale Wedding Planning + Event Design | Bella Mystique

Brittany Morris, Bella Mystique

Let’s just say that Brittany and I go way back.
I’m talking like waaaay back. (Think gangly pre-teens braiding each other’s hair discussing all things boy).
And now here we are, 20 years later — creatives, mothers and big time dreamers.

It had been way too long since we’d last seen each other when I showed up to a wedding she was coordinating lugging my camera.
I desperately tried to keep up with her that day, soaking in as much as I could. What an experience.

Brittany is just one of those people that truly inspires you to your core and honestly, she always has been. What a gift she is to anyone that is lucky enough to work with her.

Tell us about yourself. Who you are, where you’re from and what you do!

I’m a creative and a proud momma of three (6,4,1) little souls. People always say you’re not just a “wife”, “mom”, “business owner”, or “gymnastics coach”, you’re Brittany.
I know.. but I am all those things.
Every aspect of my life molds me into exactly who I am and inspires me to be who I want to be. I’m addicted to stand up comedy, I’ve lived in almost every suburb in the Twin Cities and spent half of my life growing up in northern Minnesota on the Iron Range.
When I’m not being creative, and that could be anything from my kids school projects to redecorating my house to planning weddings and events, I love to catch up with my three sisters, travel with husband and be anywhere with a skyline or water view.
I love to read inspiring books and quotes and still on the hunt for a good Cabernet.

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How did you get your start as an event planner? What brought you to this work?

I’d have to say it just hit one day. It may have been a combination of me trying to find my way through the world and series of events. I started my college career with a degree in architectural drafting and design. I realized I didn’t want to wait 10 years to own my own architecture firm, so I went back to school for graphic design.
I planned my own wedding, which knowing what I know now, I would have done it totally different.
At first I wanted to focus on graphic arts and just do invitations for weddings. But curiosity took over and pushed me even further.
I’ve always enjoyed hosting events. Whether that was birthdays, BBQs or my favorite being Halloween. I was always going above and beyond for my guests. My friends know any event that I throw is going to be, in their words, “extra AF”.
Then it clicked.
I started Bella Mystique with $50 in my bank account and out of the closet in my bedroom. I made all of my marketing materials and offered my services for $250 and unlimited time. I look back on that now and think, “Yikes!” But I was so eager to learn and grow I took on anything.
Fast forward 7 years and here I am, still standing.

What is the best part about running your own business?

Being on my time. Having small children makes it difficult to work a traditional job. But with owning my own business, not only do I get to choose when I want to work, I also get to choose who I get to work with. And it’s something that belongs entirely to me. I take full responsibility of what this business is and what it can become and also hopefully, leave this behind for my kids to take over one day if they ever wanted.

What is the greatest challenge you face?

To piggyback off the last question, like a famous Spider-Man quote, “With great power comes great responsibility.” What that means to me, with owning your own business, you wear all the hats. You are the accountant, the lawyer, the market researcher, the branding manager, social media, you are client relations and human services.
When people call, they get you every single time. So even though it looks all glitzy glam with the title of owning your own wedding planning business, there are a lot of legal and administrative tasks that you are responsible for.
It can sometimes be difficult finding a healthy work/life balance.

Katie (Lead Planner) and Brittany (Owner) of Bella Mystique

Katie (Lead Planner) and Brittany (Owner) of Bella Mystique

When things get tough, where do you find inspiration to keep moving forward?

There are a few things that I do when I lose that creative spark. And it happens! More often than you think.
What I usually do though, is I take a mental break.
I clean out my office, my closet, my car, anywhere in my every day that has some form of clutter and try to refresh. I may put a little bit more of my energy and focus into my kids or traveling. I take a step back but not too long because then it’s hard to get back into it. But... enough.
Then, I see a client or I do a final venue walk-through and usually those butterflies come back. That ‘this is the reason why am doing this’ feeling comes back.

Who is someone you admire the most and why?

My husband. He’s always asking me questions and getting on my ass and pushing me to think. He’s such a hard worker. He constantly has a book in his hands because he wants to learn more, grow more and be better and that inspires me to do the same. He never makes excuses and he shows up Every. Single. Day.
Two of my favorite quotes he has ever told me are, “Be so positive that negative people can’t stand to be around you.” And “The difference between who you are now and who you are 10 years from now are the books you’ve read and the people you’ve met.”

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Tell us about the future of Bella Mystique — what’s your vision? GO BIG, we want to root you on!

I’d love to open my own venue someday. Now, I’m still digging into all of what actually that entails to see if I would truly enjoy it. But right now, doing more event design and hopefully opening a venue are my goals.

Podcast you can’t get enough of:

Let’s be real. The only thing coming out of my speakers right now comes from a Disney soundtrack or audible.

Top 5 songs you keep on repeat:

I Was Here by Beyonce
PYT by Michael Jackson
Ocean Drive by Duke Dumont
There’s Nothing Holding Me Back by Shawn Mendes
Tennessee Whiskey by Chris Stapleton

Your favorite social media platform:


How do you fuel for the day?

Coffee. A plan. And more coffee.

Final words of wisdom to other’s out there building their business and brand? Floor is yours:

If you are a creative of any sort, a solid read would be The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.
Also, Have your own vision of success. What does that look like to you?
Is it just making sure you’re in the black every year at tax time? Or having 10 employees? Or making a certain design? Whatever it is, make sure it’s true to you and ignore what everyone else is doing. Because at the end of the day you’re not doing it for them.
Don’t think for a moment because the clients aren’t pouring in and you’re not flooded with emails that you’re not talented and you’re not successful.
I can’t begin to believe enough that you get what you put in yet there is no race to “success”. Don’t be afraid of people that are smarter than you, because you can learn something.
And the only way to conquer fear is by action. Stay curious.

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