Katie Dye

The Health Pioneer // Katie Dye

Meeting Katie three years ago has been one of the biggest blessings.

Katie's energy is truly one of a kind and she's one of the most thoughtful people I know. Not only that, she's brilliant!

It was an honor to create some photographs for her new website as she launches her health coaching business, The Health Pioneer.

"If you're ready to start where you stand, I'm ready to stand with you." ~

Not only can Katie kick it in the kitchen (we had so much fun that morning!), when it comes to health and wellness, she really knows her stuff.

Yep, we're good friends -- but I'm serious -- anytime I have questions about anything, she's my go-to. She's helped me with meal/snack ideas after having Thomas, assisted with a nutrition plan for my Ironman training husband and if I'm a little bit off and looking for balance she keeps me motivated.

Katie will be unloading some of her thoughts over on her BLOG -- so check it out! Real, easy to digest nuggets for living a healthier life. If you have any questions about her or what she does, feel free to contact her. I know she'll be happy to share.

I'm so excited for her and the vision she has for her business. A heart-centered entrepreneur making a difference where we need it so much. Health is the greatest wealth. 

Katie Dye / The Health Pioneer
w: www.katiehealthpioneer.com | i: @idye2bkatie