Yay! Here we go! Your session is right around the corner and I couldn't be more excited to work with you! This is going to be great! I've got a couple things to take care of here so bear with me.

- You'll be receiving a separate email from me with your Paypal invoice. Please pay your invoice before our session -- that way, day of, we can completely focus on you and your photographs!

I have a few terms and conditions as well so please read through those completely and feel free to contact me with any questions. I'll get back to you promptly!

- Once the session is complete, your payment is nonrefundable
- I value your time so all sessions will start and end at the times that we've set beforehand
- If you need to cancel, please do so within 48 hours of your session
- All sessions delayed due to weather will promptly be rescheduled
- There will be a $50 cancelation fee applied to your refund if canceled within the 48 hour window

All photographs will be delivered digitally through the website Pixieset. You can download photos in high resolution and/or web size instantly and for free. Then you can begin sharing!
I'll be keeping your photos published on Pixieset for one month after your session -- I urge you to download the entire gallery at your earliest convenience for safe keeping and then you can print them however you'd like! 
Parabo Press is my favorite! Use this affiliate code for $10 off your first order: XLOPHJ
Please note that once you download your photos from Pixieset, I will no longer be responsible for any of your files.
Please save them in a safe place.

Alright, that should be everything! I have one last little form for you to fill out below. Again, I'm always here if you have questions.

I can't wait to work with you!

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