Honest Imagery

One of the things that drew me into photography in the first place was not just seeing a photo, but feeling it. I don't want to take photos of what we want life to look like or be like, I want to take photos of what life is really like. I want to capture you as you are -- the essence of you, your family and your business. Photos to remind you of the magic of just a brief moment in time.

Forever Student

For-ev-er. This is a craft that I know I'll never fully master but one I am committed to learning, and learning as much as I can for as long as I can. Classes, working with others in the field, mentors, mentoring, studying and PRACTICE -- I want to do it all! 


Maybe it's because I've been in the service industry in some way shape or form for 15 years that this feels so important to me. It's so important. I want to serve my clients -- make everything as easy as I possibly can for them. Give an experience. Go above and beyond what they expect.

Savor the Joy  

I'll never forget what it felt like sending that very first gallery over. It was so amazing. Seeing my work on people's profile photos, banners and event pages. Taking photos and seeing how happy people are when they get them -- getting the texts saying they cried... best feeling ever. I'll always be feeling happy!


I won the innovation award one year when I worked at Zappos -- I think it was because of the dance party button we installed in the lobby -- but I've always loved to think out of the box, change things up, make things better and one of my biggest goals is to rock the boat in the industry, try new things, things never been done before! Keep going mind!

Give Back

I can finally do that and I'm so excited! I'm starting out with planting trees but hope to span to helping animals and volunteering in the community. One of the reasons I always wanted to be a business owner was to give back. I always will, as much as I can!

Act Intuitively

My intuition has never failed me. When I ignore my gut, I get into trouble. My intuition will be my north star of my business and I will follow because no matter what you always know.