FAQs // Odds & Ends

 Aaaand that's a wrap! All images have been edited and are waiting for you in your own personal online gallery.

I hope so much that you love your photographs. I sure loved working with you and creating them. This is seriously the best job in the world! 

Downloading Photos

There'll be an album for your viewing as well as the option to download all photos instantly onto your computer. I like to open the album up and check them all out one by one, but that's just me and I'm a photo nerd. :)

Your photos will be available in your personal gallery for one month after the date I send you your link -- I recommend you to download the entire gallery at your earliest convenience and keep your photographs in a safe place (hard drive, cloud, external hard drive -- whatever works best for you!)
Feel free to share the link if you have anyone else that would like to download them too.

* When you're on your computer and you open your collection there will be a series of icons on the top right hand corner under your main photo.
* You'll see a heart, a down arrow, a SHARE and a facebook like.
* If you click the download arrow it'll bring you to a page where you can enter your email and your download PIN.
* From there it'll have you choose your download size! (Most people will save two separate folders on their desktop; one in web size and one original or high res) -- It's totally up to you!

Mobile Download for Easy Sharing

I've enabled single photo download for easy downloading on to your phone. I did this on my iPhone but I assume it would be done very similar on any mobile phone ~
* Open the email that I sent you called Photos for _________ are ready -- and click 'View Photos'
* Choose the photo you would like to save on your photo by tapping it once
* On the bottom right you'll see four icons
* The second icon from the left is a down arrow, tap that
* Enter your email address and download PIN found in your email
* Click 'Close' on the pop up
* Tap and hold the photo
* Click Save Image
Repeat on all of your favorites!

Photo Cred

If you share your photos online, I'd love for you to credit it as my work  - (just a @elysejokinen at the end of the post is fine &/or a tag) - it's usually how I end up meeting new clients. :D

Lastly, I've got one more short form below -- I'd really appreciate you filling it out!

Permission, Review & a Gift for You!

Name *
I give Elyse Jokinen permission to use my images on her website, blog and/or social media accounts: *
I'd like to send a little something you're way -- please leave your address below!

Ordering Photos

I believe the gallery tool I use has an ordering option, however, I've never ordered from them so I can't say how the quality is.
Please feel free to use whomever you'd like to print your photos.
My favorite, favorite online ordering platform is Parabo Press and I have an affiliate code for $10 off your first order: XLOPHJ if you want to give them a shot!
I also really love Artifact Uprising for their square prints, books and fine art prints!
Lastly, I use the Free Prints app for regular 4x6 photos and get 80-something free ones every month!


I just started a Facebook page, too. If you want to go like really above and beyond, Iā€™d love for you to leave me a review there!
If not, a like would be cool.


Alright, now I really think that's everything. :)

If I didn't answer your question or if you're having trouble at ALL with anything, shoot me and email or give me a call/text. I'm always happy to help. 

Thanks you & many blessings,


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