What do you want to do? How do you want to live?

Give life to your dreams with an Art Journal / dreamboard~

What is a dreamboard? A dreamboard is a collage of pictures, images, places, goals and intentions that you want to manifest/attract into your life.


Visualization is powerful.
What you focus on expands.


It has been proven time and time again that staying connected to your deepest desires through visualization can create change in your life. Dreamboarding is a powerful act of self discovery!
There is no better feeling than staring down at a blank canvas.
There are no rules. You get to create anything you want!

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I recently attended the Dreamboard workshop, and absolutely loved it. Katie and Elyse have such a calming presence and a way of making you feel comfortable, which was the perfect environment for this workshop.
I was able to create a dreamboard, I didnt even know I needed. I went with zero idea on what I was going to make, but being around them and the other ladies that were there, brought out so much emotion and inspiration. They also provided the best materials to create with, as well as so many delicious snacks!
I would highly recommend this workshop, and any other hosted by them.
— Lauren Roth, Artist
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