100 Things

I can't remember the last time I've felt so out of touch with the blogging world. I've been publishing posts on and off since 2007 from various platforms but took quite the break.

Recently, I've been craving creativity. I've felt so disconnected from it as I've been growing this human. Totally and completely mentally blank!
As I reach the end of my pregnancy the juices are starting to flow again. It's so exciting and to be honest I'm entirely grateful because I was scared they wouldn't be back!

2017 is right around the corner and one of my biggest goals is to get back into a blogging habit. To create and document and just get back in touch with writing because I enjoy it so much.

What better way to get my creativity flowing than to devour Kimberly Wilson's books/website. It's inspired me to notice and savor the small moments, journal again and get back in touch with my feminine energy. I stumbled upon her 100 things and thought it would be the perfect way to jump back in! So happy to be back!

100 things

1. My husband and I graduated HS together in Northern Minnesota, 2006. We didn't start dating until 8 years later when we met up for lunch in Las Vegas -- the rest is history!

2. I drink decaf in the morning.

3. I never thought I'd have kids -- I'm currently 39 weeks pregnant and over the moon excited to meet my son. I am going to be the coolest MOM!

4. My chihuahua Finn is the love of my life. He's seriously like a little human and I love him far beyond what I could ever describe to someone else.

5. No matter where I go (currently Kailua, Hawaii), Northern Minnesota will always be home and family will always be number one.

6. I'll be turning 30 this year and I'm stoked for it. Truly.

7. I got married barefoot. 

8. I first visited the ocean in grade school. I knew right away I wanted to live in a beach town someday.

9. I was born in Aspen, CO -- Colorado will always be one of my favorite places!

10. No matter how much I try to like new music, I always go back to what I grew up on: Bob Dylan, Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Counting Crows etc.

11. I'm a Virgo through and through and will not be caught without my planner.

12. It is my greatest desire to have a natural, unmedicated birth. (Update: Things didn't go as planned for the birth of Thomas George. Maybe the next one!)

13. I've lived in Colorado, Minnesota, Hawaii, Nevada, Arizona and Texas. I am really excited to be in one place for almost two years now!

14. We talk about going back to Italy just because we dream of the gelato and pizza. The BEST!

15. My parents are my biggest inspiration and their house is my favorite place. I love my family!

16. I'm super gadgety. I love my iPhone and Mac and Best Buy is one of my happy places!

17. I've tried so hard to like cooking, I just don't. I'm finally ok with my little food prepping, owning that I'll never be a master chef!

18. I love books. Oooooo, I love books!

19. My hubby and I have three shows we watch together: Big Bang Theory, Shark Tank and Hawaii 5-0.

20. I was voted Homecoming Queen my senior year of HS. 

21. As I type this, my son is practicing kick-boxing in my belly. Lots of rolls and punches.

22. My wedding ring is a wave made on Oahu. I love it.

23. I gained (and lost) 40 lbs. after HS and struggled with Adrenal Fatigue and crazy food cravings. It feels like a different life as I've found balance and wellness and its the greatest gift.

24. My little chihuahua Finn has an Instagram following of over 2,000 people.

25. I've worked at some pretty big companies like Zappos, Whole Foods, Stryker and Four Seasons. I've never really let myself get too attached to a job though. Life, travel and adventure always win.

26. I'm currently writing a book. 

27. I totaled a car once. I really really don't like driving in the snow!!

28. I always love airports and traveling. My husband works for the airline so I fly for free. That my friends, is manifestation!

29. I've had many career lives including a licensed cosmetologist, massage therapist, health coach and Yoga instructor. None of which I am currently practicing.

30. I have 8 tattoos and counting. I hope to get another one this year! It's an art and I dig it.

31. If I had the choice I'd go to Office Max before the mall. Office supplies over clothes and shoes any day!

32. I've seen Bob Dylan in concert three times and Stevie Nicks twice, always the youngest and loudest in the crowd!

33. I have so many notebooks. They all have a purpose. No shame.

34. It's been YEARS since I've had any type of fast food. I just can't do it (and I'm totally happy with that!).

35. I've been blogging on and off since 2007. My first blog was on Blogger and it was called Wild Tree.

36. My ideal lazy day is wandering around the bookstore with a decaf after a good massage. Sunday of my dreams!

37. I truly believe everything happens for a reason.

38. Inspired by my dad, I've been taking some photography classes and really respect the art.

39. If I couldn't live in Hawaii I'd probably want to be in Colorado or Minnesota.

40. I love doing laundry and hate cooking. I love to vacuum and hate cleaning the bathroom.

41. Sometimes I think I'd get rid of Facebook if it wasn't for my family group. I love being in touch with them so easy! Perks of social media!

42. I never understood football until I got together with my husband. Now I'm a Broncos fan and once came in second in my Fantasy Football league.

43. I'm part Italian, part Finnish, part Croatian and part mystery. One of my grandfather's was adopted and we don't know his background!

44. I once lived in a Yurt for two weeks in the hills of Santa Barbara. It was such a dream come true!

45. I've never had much patience. It is something I have worked on and continue to work on, everyday!

46. I'm just about 6ft. tall.

47. I never attended traditional college.

48. My favorite type of Yoga is Restorative, it's so yummy and so needed in this fast paced world.

49. I jumped out of a plane once. The weird part was that I wasn't nervous, however I don't have the need to ever do it again.

50. I'm always early. My sister's call it hardcore, I say if I'm not 10 minutes early, I'm late.

51. I could never tell you what my favorite color is because it just depends on my mood. I'm a million people wrapped in one, I swear!

52. I will vision collage anything I can get my hands on. I love making vision boards, notebooks and little cards.

53. I went through a health coaching program in 2012. It is my greatest belief that everyone should experience that course! 

54. I have a botched tattoo. It makes for a pretty good story, if you ever see me feel free to ask me about it!

55. I LOVE Lucy.

56. Japan was my first ever passport stamp. I find international travel SO thrilling!

57. I've been vegetarian, raw, paleo and vegan. Now I just try my best to be mindful and balanced. It's worked the best so far.

58. One of my biggest bucket list dreams is to someday ride a Harley... by myself...!

59. My little chihuahua Finn sleeps in my bed, curled up to my side and probably will for the next 19 years!

60. I knew I was going to marry my husband on our FIRST DATE.

61. I will try every holistic home remedy before I ever go to the store or to the Doctor!

62. Dark chocolate with carmel & sea salt = HEAVEN!

63. I pretty much live in flip flops and I don't like wearing pants.

64. I love the thought of entrepreneurship. My hat goes off to anyone doing their own thing, it's so inspiring!

65. When I was young I collected... pretty much everything. Gum wrappers, stamps, coins, dice. You name it I probably had a bag of it! 

66. I'm SUCH a list person... lists on lists on lists. Is it a virgo thing? I think so!

67. I do not watch the news. I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

68. I was sorted into Gryffindor at Pottermore.com -- my patronus is a dolphin.

69. I feel so passionately about us getting back in touch with nature. The way we eat, what we put in and on our bodies.. how we treat the earth. It's all so important!

70. I've moved 13 times since the day I graduated high school.

71. I believe laughter is the best medicine and is one of my most valued qualities in the people around me.

72. My oldest sister is a rehabilitating drug addict. You never know how strong a family can be until they are faced with an unthinkable challenge. I admire her will to never give up but will never be able to fully understand it.

73. I used to be a smoker, now I couldn't even imagine it!

74. My wedding dress was $117.00 ~ ba-boom CHING!

75. I love to exercise... to sweat... it makes me feel STRONG! 

76. I don't do well when I'm sick. I just don't have time for it so I can get a little cranky!

77. In 8th grade I went to Barbados, St. Martin and Martinique ~ one of the trips that sparked my intense desire to travel the world!

78. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

79. I had a lot of fun partying in my early twenties but I'm at a point in life that if I never had another drink again I'd be totally fine with it.

80. I love to learn. I have to learn! Even if it's just taking a photography class on Skillshare or reading a book on Yoga.

81. I love being dragged behind a boat in the Minnesota sunshine.. whether on skis, in a tube or on a wakeboard!

82. My hubby and I were walking through the woods in Saratoga Springs, NY when Jack Johnson passed by us on his bike. I melted. I love him!

83. I once had my entire body spray painted yellow to play Marge Simpson. It was all fun and games until I was in the tub until 4am trying to wash the paint off! 

84. I don't know what boredom is. I can seriously keep myself busy for days on end... I'll never understand!!

85. I could (and do) sit at the coffeehouse all day with my laptop and a bag of books.

86. I'm almost sure I spend way too much time on Social Media.. working on that.

87. I use natural products all over my house from the laundry detergent to the dish soap.. toothpaste to my deodorant. I just can't do all the uber strong smells, chemicals and colors!

88. Swimming with a sea turtle along the coast of Hawaii is by far one of the greatest moments of my life! Beautiful creature in the salty water and sunshine!

89. My little sister is one of the greatest people I know.

90. Tom asked me to marry him our first morning in Hawaii. He took me to the beach for sunrise and got down on one knee.. as if it wasn't the best day already!!

91. My nickname when I worked at Zappos was Granola. I was a little crunchy, still am and proud of it!

92. I was once pulled over for speeding. I went to friends and family court and got ripped on by the judge in front of an entire courtroom when I told him I was on my way to Bingo.

93. The older I get the less and less I like amusement park rides.

94. I'll always be a morning person.

95. There is nothing I like about tomatoes. The smell, the texture and the taste all gross me out.

96. I talk to my mom on the phone almost everyday.

97. My left foot is smaller than my right foot. It stopped growing after I had surgery on it in 8th grade.

98. I've always had roommates, I've never actually never lived in a place on my own!

99. Once on a road trip from Texas to Minnesota I tried to avoid the tolls, which added tons of time and some really random towns to our drive. My sister won't let me live it down but it makes for a good story!

100. My name on my birth certificate is Elyse', no one has ever really pronounced it with the accent but it's never too late!

Thank you for reading! Here's to 2017, creativity and jumping back into the blogging world consistently!