March In Review ~

March! Thing are finally starting to calm down. I'm feelin' like myself more and more each day. 
I have to tell you, those first two months were intense, hard... tiring, but I feel a shift... a welcomed shift and when my son smiles at me (which he is doing more and more) it's all worth it.

Doing this mom thing and also starting to do some work with Earthen Women. It's all slowly coming together and I've never felt more ready. March, in review!

- Brought Thomas to his two month appointment
- Attended the Mama & Me Hui at Castle - x2!
- Donated to the Hawaiian Island Humane Society
- Set up a family filing system (Virgo all day!)
- Went to Sage's house for baby/mama/friends time - x2!
- Got Thomas his passport photo
- Published first post in the Pregnancy Diary - Long Before Baby!
- Put in my two week notice with Stryker
- Met mama Liz and baby Ellie for acai bowls!
- Officially became a Stay At Home Mom!
Opened bank account for Earthen Women / Set up Square
- Pampered myself with an at home pedicure
- Beach day with my family! <3
- Brought Thomas to Pali Momi & Hawaiian Airlines to visit co-workers & daddy!
- Took Thomas to Mele Keiki -- music class! So much fun!
- Read Yoga Beyond Belief by Ganga White of White Lotus Foundation
- Taught Mama & Me Yoga at Liz's house to two Mama's! - x2!
- Ordered flyers for April's Vision Board Workshop!
- Signed up for a family pass at our local YMCA
- Brought Thomas to child watch @ the Y while mama took a Yoga class
- Coffee/Business date with Katie
- Went to the Eat Cake Gallery launch party at Red Pineapple

Things are really starting to pick up with Earthen Women -- setting up workshops and teaching a little Yoga. It's been amazing getting back into it, rolling with the opportunities that are being presented. TY, TY, TY!