January In Review ~

Oh January! What a month. Honestly, the most intense month of my life!

I wrote out January's dreams at the end of December and I kept going back to it throughout each week. I didn't do everything I wanted to do but I got much more done than I expected!

January In Review

- Gave birth to my little human, Thomas George, January 2nd at 7:29pm.
- Spent a week in the Castle nursery with baby Thomas. So. Many. Emotions.
- Read one book, Big Magic (for the second time) -- goodness I love that book. Feeling so inspired!
- Tom's family came out for a visit ~ his mom, stepdad and aunt came to meet our son. So nice seeing and spending time with them!
- My sister Coco came out for a full week! Chats, good food, lounging, beach and lots of baby time. She was the best!
- Got breastfeeding down! It was my greatest desire to BF my baby and without being too tooting of my own horn, we're rocking it. I love doing it!
- Went to one Mommy & Me Hui at Castle. Six moms in a room nursing and chatting. It was everything I needed.
- Created a budget with the hubby! All bills are organized and on a spreadsheet! (Thanks Tom!)
- Had two baby appointments with the pediatrician and a mama appointment with my midwife. (When you have a baby I swear your life turns into appointments!)
- Packed up all my maternity clothes and cleaned out my closet! Boy does that feel GOOD.
- Got my hair done! I hadn't touched my hair since before my honeymoon almost 9 months ago. A MUCH needed and well deserved treat if I do say so myself!

January went by so fast and in all honesty it was really hard. I'm looking forward to stepping into February and getting into more of a routine with Thomas.

I also looking forward carving out time for some of my personal goals ~ reading, blogging, business and getting on my Yoga mat.