First Trimester -- Thomas George

The first trimester.

We found out we were pregnant at about 4-5 weeks. Once we had that positive test, it started to get real... there's a baby on the way!

7 weeks pregnant with little baby J!

7 weeks pregnant with little baby J!

- My favorite part of the first trimester was telling people we were pregnant. Getting to call my parents, Tom's parents and my sisters, cousins, family and friends was SO MUCH FUN. Everyone seriously freaks out and cries and celebrates and... it's fun. I loved that part.

- It wasn't all laughter and celebration though.. in fact, I was sick the entire first trimester. It wasn't morning sickness, it was all damn day! From my first appointment to my second, I lost 8 lbs! I couldn't eat and was choking down crackers trying to get by. That part is tough because you look normal and you aren't really telling people yet but you're SICK but not sick... lol, a struggle for sure. 

- I remember longing to eat a real meal, a BIG meal.. any kind of FOOD. There was a small part of me that even wondered if food would ever taste good again.


- Pregnancy and mamahood wasn't something that was really on my radar, so when we found out we were pregnant I had a little bit of a freak out... I knew ABSOLUTELY nothing about pregnancy or babies. It was time to hit Amazon! Books on books on books. Pregnancy books, birthing books, breastfeeding books. I went a little bit crazy but I also had a lot of fun reading and learning about the future of my body and my life.

- I wanted a home birth and Tom wanted a hospital birth so we compromised on a birth center. I had an OB and two midwives that I met with and I really liked them. We had our first appointment at 8 weeks and it was SO COOL. Seeing the little blobby human and hearing his heartbeat -- let the unbelievable moments (along with the million appointments) begin!

- One of the other biggest things for me in the first trimester was exhaustion. I was SO TIRED -- so I slept.. and slept... and SLEPT like a rock. I pretty much took a 2 hour nap everyday after work. I'd get home, collapse on the bed and sleep. At the time I was teaching a Yoga class and had to get a sub for my classes. I felt like a big, useless slug. So much sleep, so much rest.

- The first trimester is so trippy because I didn't look pregnant. I felt sick and I felt tired but the craziest thing was just knowing I was growing a human. All day everyday I just kept thinking, "I'm pregnant. I can't believe I'm pregnant. We're going to have a baby. A baby." LOL -- seriously, ALL DAY LONG.

- Another one of my favorite parts of the first trimester was getting BOOBS! My boobs got big right away and I loved it. I finally filled out a swimsuit and I looked great in a tank top. It was short lived but a wonderful experience I'll remember forever. Haha

- Another big thing I experienced in the first trimester was doubt. Could I be a good mom? I would look up to the sky a lot when I was on my walks and I would ask in all seriousness, "Are you SURE you want me to do this? You trust me to be a good mom? Ok, if you think so."

- Oh, another thing. Hormones. The crying started in the first trimester. If it was silly, I cried -- sad, I cried. I was smiling and joking one minute and then crying the next -- my hubby, poor thing, did so good with me.

12 weeks pregnant and on my way to the second trimester!

12 weeks pregnant and on my way to the second trimester!

- MOM BRAIN. It's so real and I had it so bad. It started right there in the first trimester and oh. em. gee. I was running into walls at work, I couldn't finish a sentence, and I would seriously just lose my balance trying to walk. It was absolutely nuts and weird and I thought my mind was jelly for good and I would never be the same again. (It went away, thank goodness!)

- I didn't actually buy any maternity clothes in the first trimester. I stuck to skirts and shorts and tanks.. I went up a size in the scrubs at work for comfort. It was really all about being comfortable!

- Something that changed for me right away that I thought was really weird... every single time I brushed my teeth, I gagged. It lasted my entire pregnancy. I couldn't brush my tongue at all and even just brushing my teeth was weird. 

- Just a few short days after telling my sister I was pregnant, she had a surprise for ME.. she was pregnant TOO! We were due only a week apart. I think I needed someone very close to me to go through the entire experience together. Thank goodness for Leah and Coco!

- By the end of the first trimester, I felt like I had gotten really big... which after experiencing 41 weeks of pregnancy, is a hilarious statement. ;)

- The whole thing felt so slow-fast. Each day felt long but it, of course, went by so quickly. All I know is I was grateful as all can be that I was growing a healthy little baby. We couldn't wait to find out what we were having! 


Baby is the size of a: LIME
Length & weight: 2.13 in. & .49 oz.
Mama's cravings: NONE -- could barely choke down crackers!
Weight update: 0 lbs. ~ I lost eight and gained it back so I'm at a 0 lb. weight difference in the first trimester
We're feeling: Excited, nervous, proud and mama is a bit sick! Can't WAIT to find out if you're a boy or a girl.
Highlight of the first trimester: Telling our family, friends and co-workers! THE BEST.
Energy levels: Slug status.
Habits: Legs up the wall every single night, started taking a prenatal vitamin, not really exercising, but I want to!

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