Let's Be Honest -- Life's Not Perfect, But It Is Amazing

I was talking with my sister the other day about the positives and negatives of social media. 

We discussed how being connected is such a powerful way to share your life with friends and family near and far. We also talked about how it can sometimes make you feel like total shitty shit. 

I'm so easily inspired -- I love to be. I love to see what is out there and dream. Seeing people doing cool things in cool places. Social is highlight of their lives and it's awesome -- most of the time.

There are just some days, when I'm in a mood, and I start scrolling to see these beautiful, perfect images and instantly my mind begins --

"Gosh, I need to quit being such a home body and get out more."
"Well look at that mama all fit -- I really should make some more time to work out -- got to make more time to work out."
"Ah, why aren't we traveling more. Why does it feel so hard to travel with a baby -- maybe I'm doing something wrong."

Just as I'm about to put my phone down someone that I greatly admire shares a glimpse of their imperfection and it's just a sigh of relief. Ok, yes, we all struggle sometimes. It's a quick reminder that perfection doesn't exist.

I know that I too mostly share the highlights. For me, I think -- I'd just rather focus on the good. The last thing I want to do is fill my feed with all the struggles. 

But I'm going to get honest with you here.

There've been times I've posted a photo praising my husband for being incredible (he is!) and that same night we get into a heated argument that has me storming around the house.

I've posted a photo of my son, calling him the cutest darn thing in the whole world (he is!) to find myself hours later in tears because he's going on 45 minutes of crying and I just need a break.

I have days where I get shit on, like actually, literally shit on.
Days where I shatter a baby food jar on the kitchen floor before 7am.
Times when I don't even actually know what day it is, or when the last time I showered.
I lose my temper, I feel inadequate and man there are times I feel so blue about the world.

Yet, big picture, I have a beautiful life. Sometimes I sit out on the lanai, looking up at the moon and wondering how on earth I got so lucky to be living this glorious existence.
My family -- they're all so darn amazing -- Hawaii, a dream -- we're healthy and my goodness what is greater than that?

Any and all of the love that oozes out of me into my posts IS SO REAL and that is the part of my life that I wish to document -- it's those moments that inspire my images and words.

It's a fine balance though, I suppose, and honestly, it's up to each of us to decide how much we want to share. We get to choose how we want to use our own personal platforms, the type of content we share and why. 

Just remember though, next time that you're scrolling away and find yourself feeling maybe a little bit like shitty shit, that we're all human. These little squares and stories are glimpses into our lives, but not the whole picture.
I know this truth, you know this truth, it's just easy to forget sometimes.

Life's not perfect, no -- but it is, absolutely amazing.

Thank you guys so much for listening and you'll be hearing from me again next month!