Like a Photograph

So many thoughts pass through my mind during the day.
They always have.

Except now that I find myself in the thick of motherhood, thoughts get lost, ignored or just crowded out.

I miss it. I miss this.

Art found it's way back into my life through photography.... & I love it.

I mean, I really love it. Utterly fascinated with the making & taking of a photograph.

Then, from photography, my creativity began to bleed into other mediums...
lettering, watercolors & my first true love, collage art.

And now here I sit, staring at a blinking cursor.

Gah, it makes me so happy.

I've always loved to write.

A way to catch thoughts, questions, feelings & ideas -- nailing them down before they're gone forever.

In a way, a bit like a photograph.

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